Hamburg’s Best Vegan Restaurants and Snacks

Update 2018: The info on this page is no longer up to date! check google maps to see if these places are still open before you head off.

How do you eat quick and cheap vegan or vegetarian food in Hamburg? Check out these suggestions or my list of cafes or my vegan overview.


Heaven. These guys make vegan burgers, doner kebabs, vish (yes vish) and chips, currywurst and various meat free snacks. It’s so good to go here and chow down on one of these greasy snacks. I don’t miss meat I just miss being unhealthy from time to time, it’s pure vegan comfort food. I can highly recommend the burger, it’s grandios as I heard this huge, tattoed, left-wing vegan bellowing at the edgy girls who work there as he paid the bill. The venue is a bit incongruous. It’s just next to the Hans-Albers-Platz which is the most tasteless and ridiculous party place in all Hamburg. It’s full of British meatheads wandering around on their bucks parties and it’s just behind the Herbertstraße which is where said British meatheads go at 3am for sex when they realise they don’t have the personality nor tact not to have to pay for it. But whatever, Befried is awesome.

Friedrichstraße 3-5, 20539

A picture of the façade of Befried vegan fast food restaurant, Hamburg.

Befried Vegan / Vegetarian Fast Food Restaurant, St. Pauli / Reeperbahn Hamburg

Jim Burrito

Fancy a burrito? Jim’s have a special part of the board dedicated to vegan choices, the cheapest of which is just 3.50. I like how the vegan option is the cheapest, it makes my blood boil when it’s the other way around. The walls here are decorated with Mexican wrestling pictures and paraphernalia etc so I wouldn’t call it the most original place in the world but it gets points for trying.

Schulterblatt 12, 20357

The facade of Jim Burritos in Hamburg

Jim Burritos vegan burritos on the Schulterblatt in Sternschanze, Hamburg.


Kombüse is edgier and cooler than Jim Burrito and make better burritos. It’s a little bit hidden between Reeperbahn and the harbour, it’s a great place to go for a burrito and a beer. The name means galley, or ship’s kitchen and it’s fitted out to vaguely look like you’re on board a submarine. Opens at 4.

Bernhard-Nocht-Straße 51, 20359

Kombüse, best vegan mexican food in Hamburg.

Kombüse, best vegan and vegetarian Mexican food in Hamburg.


Happen Pappen

Happen Pappen is less of a café and more of a bistro or restaurant, but they do serve coffee and it’s probably the best place to go for lunch in all of Hamburg. The guy who founded it, Roman is usually in the kitchen and you can see him performing his vegan master work from just where you sit to eat. The menu changes every day and words are not good enough to describe the deliciousness of what they cook here. They also have a large assortment of different drinks and smoothies that are also very creative. The place is a bit out of the way but get on a bus from Schlump and you will be there in no time, it’s worth it!! Oh, it’s 100% vegan.

Lappenbergsallee 41, 20257

Happen Pappen Eimsbüttel Hamburg

Happen Pappen is a vegan café / restaurant in Hamburg and the best place to get lunch.

Falafel Kimo

At a lot of falafel places you might ask for a falafel ‘ganz vegan bitte’ and the guy behind the counter will just give a falsely confident nod of the head. A lot of times I think they’re just wondering ‘What the hell is vegan?’ and make you a vegetarian falafel. It’s difficult to tell once you get the thing because garlic sauce and tzatziki can often contain dairy but you can’t really say if so or not from tasting it (so what’s the point in using in the first place then, eh?) Point is, no such problems with the 2.50 felafel classic down at Falafel Kimo!! I guarantee they’re vegan and you don’t even have to specify (though I still do every time). The guy who owns the place is famous around the traps for his endless smile and charisma. It’s just next to the train station, good food, good service, has a genuine Turkish vibe; highly recommended at all times. Open late.

Schanzenstraße 111, 20357

Falafel Kimo at night, Hamburg

Falafel Kimo, cheap vegan falafel and vegetarian dishes, Sternschanze, Hamburg

Le Crobag (at the Hauptbahnhof)

One thing that’s a problem for a vegan is that every train station, airport and bus station has 3 sandwich stores with a range of about 7 sandwiches each but not one of them vegan. This has got to change and thanks to Crobag it just might soon. They recently added their first line of vegan sandwiches, they have two: basil tofu and tomato or herb spread and cucumber. Neither are particularly creative or delicious or full of ingredients but I welcome any fast food chain’s decision to add a vegan option to their menu. It’s an economic decision sure, but it can only be a good thing.

Hamburg Hauptbahnhof

A picture of the vegan baguettes at Le Crobag

Vegan baguettes at Le Crobag, Hamburg Hauptbahnhof

Cuccis (at the Hauptbahnhof)

This place actually has a better vegan option than Le Crobag, but you would definitely miss it if you didn’t know about it. It’s the panini rustica, an entry level panini that contains an oily selection of roast capsicum, eggplant, tomato, onion and so forth. I think it’s cheaper than Crobag too, and it’s basically the only other vegan option (except Subway) in the entire Hauptbahnhof. One day we will live in a world with a range of delicious sandwiches at every train station that don’t contain animals or their products. There’s place that has the same menu but a different name opposite arrivals at Hamburg airport.

Hamburg Hauptbahnhof

Cuccis at Hamburg hbf

Cuccis, a place at Hamburg Hauptbahnhof where you can get a vegan vegetable baguette

Slim Jims Pizza

This place offers you the opportunity to make your own pizza using all the typical pizza ingredients that they have including vegan cheese. Personally I just leave the cheese out altogether and then I still get a delicious pizza anyway for less money (I’m not such a fan of cheese replacements because I don’t crave cheese); but at Slim’s you can make it however you want. It’s on the steep side with the average pizza costing around 8 euros depending on what you put on it. But I love the environment and atmosphere in here, homemade wooden furniture and bicycle art adorns the walls.

Bei der Schilleroper 1-3, 22767

Slim Jims (temp)



3 thoughts on “Hamburg’s Best Vegan Restaurants and Snacks

  1. You should try Azeitona ( Beckstraße 17-19 – near U Feldstraße). In my opinion they make the best vegan falafel – ask for a Falafel Spezial Vegan : here you can add up to three vegetable ingredients, which change daily and are displayed in the front.


  2. Thanks for your advices! Id be happy to find some more fancy places here with less of the Schanze-Flair. I recommended your website to my aussie friends.


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