Album Review: Dilly Dally – Sore

Dilly Dally Sore
Dilly Dally
Katie Monks has a great scream, a ‘fuck you, motherfucker’ drawl that belongs in some kind of screamy, yelly hall of fame right next to those of Courtney Love and Patrick Stickles. On Ontario band Dilly Dally’s debut she and her band match that scream with some workhorse guitar riffs, fat bass lines, sweet song writing and rage, Purple Rage. Every track here follows more or less the same blueprint; four chords, simple yet effective riffs, and that scream.
The albums first track comes on with an arguably unnecessary 21 seconds of ugly feedback, but hey, this album harks back to mid-90s post-grunge disaffection, and this is just how they did things back then. At least one or two songs here could give some of the best songs of that era a run for their money. “Ice -Cream” could have been released as a classic sitting right in between Live Through This and Death to the Pixies while “Next Gold” has a more modern feel with the anthemic mix of anger and redemption reminiscent of Wu Lyf and Titus Andronicus.
The Pixies are an obvious influence right through the album but on some tracks more than others, notably “Purple Rage” and the exhausted from rage “Get To You” sounds like a rewritten “Where Is My Mind?”. But having said that, the band wear their influences well and are a welcome update to them, owning them with confidence and their own personality.
There are lulls to the garage band formula. The riffs of “Witch Man” shift over to the wrong side of simple and it just comes across as an, I hate to say it, really good high school band song. Luckily though, this is one of only a couple of songs on an otherwise strong album.
Jesse Wittler