A Vegan Overview of Hamburg

This is an overview of vegan Hamburg for those vegans and vegetarians who are new to the place. Make sure you check the opening hours of these places before heading out, Germans have this thing called Ruhetag, it means they don’t open that day. Los!

Snacks, Cafés and Ice-cream

St. Pauli is the place to be for relaxed vegan food. From Fischmarkt all the way through to Karolinenviertel, you can’t go wrong. The best cafés to go to for breakfast are Saal II or Kaffee Stark. During the day the best cafés for a bite are probably Stark, Harbor Cake or Kandie Shop for a delicious bagel.

For some greasy vegan burgers and stuff go to Befried, you can get pizza at Slim Jim’s or a burrito over at Jim Burrito.

Great vegan ice-cream can be found at Liberty Eis-Café or Die Eisbande.


I don’t have much money so I don’t go many to restaurants. But I’ve been to Loving Hut a few times, it’s vietnamese and 100% vegan. Leaf is a fully vegan restaurant in Altona whose prices are a bit higher and apparently their dishes are getting better and better, a real dining experience. I’ve never been to Happen Pappen is really awesome too.

Grocery Shopping

There is a vegan supermarket called Veganz in Altona, part of a chain of the world’s first vegan supermarkets. It’s an amazing experience just to browse the place as it really brings into fine focus just how amazing a supermarket without animal products can be. The food on offer is, in my opinion, much more varied and interesting than that found in a regular supermarket.

Also look up your closest Alnatura or Reformhaus, these places aren’t 100% vegan but sell a lot of vegan stuff.


Frühstücksklub (The Breakfast Club) is the best thing you can do as a vegan visitor to Hamburg, but it’s very difficult to know exactly when it is. Every month some awesome people get lots and lots of vegan recipes together, buy all the ingredients, cook it and then the next day hold a beautiful vegan feast!!

It’s always on a Sunday and roughly once a month but there’s no rhythm to it. They also don’t publish when the next one is on their website. The reason for this is because they get too many people coming who don’t really understand the spirit of the whole thing. And some of them are rude and demand better service, which is ridiculous because no one is earning a profit, just putting on a cruelty free feast to create something beautiful in their community. The vibe is very left wing, very vegan, fun, and above all kind.


Click here to go to the interactive version of this map so you can find everything easily.

An interactive vegan map of Hamburg.

An interactive vegan map of Hamburg.

Be sure to check out my in depth list of cafés and snacks and the other pages too.

This is a curated list, for a more exhaustive list go to Happy Cow (the first stop for the travelling vegan) or Vegane Bewegung (great resource, but in German).

Hamburg Is[s]t Vegan is also a great blog if you can speak German.


3 thoughts on “A Vegan Overview of Hamburg

  1. Great blog mate! Your list of vegan places for food is really handy and your video (graphic version especially) very shocking. It’s one of this moments where it comes like a massive relieve that I as a vegan have nothing to do with how these pictures came to be.

    Weiter so! 🙂

    Ps: It’s actually the first time ever that Iiked something via facebook 🙂


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